Kerkhoff Analytics offers a software-based system solution that permanently secures the best price within a product group and also provides a management tool for purchasing, sales and the corporate result.

Procurement 4.0 – a digital system solution for managing strategic purchasing

Regardless of the industry and company size, purchasing departments are facing ever greater challenges: greater diversity of variants, integration of supply chains, greater globalisation, volatilities on the raw material markets and tighter times-to-market. What with these influencing factors, the complexity of purchasing is growing too – while at the same time, agility is dwindling. Consumers are also changing and are increasingly expecting personalised “proprietary” products.

We know how the purchasing of tomorrow works

Modern purchasing management in the digital age depends on transparent data and systems above all else. It is absolutely essential to know the exact cost structures if prices are to be proactively negotiated with suppliers. Our software creates the right framework conditions for this. The exact cost components and the surcharges for any individual product or entire product groups are determined based on manufacturing costs. The calculation is based on a wide range of benchmark data such as global salaries, overheads and material costs and therefore results in cost transparency. In addition, the cost drivers’ relevant market changes are derived from more than 40,000 indexes and are indexed, meaning entire ranges can be recorded from a cost perspective. Corporate divisions such as Purchasing, Controlling and Sales are thus provided with a complete and meaningful decision-making structure.

Proven tools and concepts are reaching their limits – especially in purchasing and corporate management.

It is only through consistent digitalisation – which ensures maximum transparency, comprehensive real-time information and efficient processes – that companies can master the growing complexity and become faster and better at the same time. With our “Procurement 4.0” software-based solution, numerous challenges are being overcome – and the opportunities offered by digitisation exploited. The benefits at a glance:

  • More efficient processes, less bureaucracy: Our software ensures extensive automation without system breaks – and thus maximum transparency and minimum effort. The complexity decreases, while buyers gain time for strategic tasks.
  • Full transparency, better arguments: At the same time, our Procurement 4.0 projects provide full cost transparency. This significantly improves the bases for negotiations for buyers and enables significant savings – of 20% and more.
  • Best possible prices, easier management: With sophisticated algorithms and indices, we ensure that companies pay the best possible prices in the long term. And at the same time, we make controlling and corporate management easier, since prices are available and predictable in real time.

Your benefits

  • Full transparency with regard to cost items and development
  • Systematic procurement controlling
  • Intelligent use of existing datasets
  • Best prices: systemically correct conditions within the segment
  • Key arguments to support the sales department in price negotiations